Is this guy for real?

1. Obama spends 4 trillion dollars and then cuts budget by 100 million dollars. Thats like totaling your buddies car and then offering to replace the floor mats.

2. After reading the above story aren't you glad that Obama is going to be looking over your money once the banks are nationalized?

3. Obama adviser doesn't think it is healthy to protest his policies. How long will it be before they will be arresting people "for their own protection"?

4. Obama and Chavez, can you tell the difference between their policies?

5. The United Nations is running over Obama on climate change
. I for one am glad that the leaders of Kenya will be in charge of the temperature I can set inside my house.

6. Barry takes a dump on the intelligence community and then wipes his ass with the safety of the American People.

7. Obama doesn't know if banks repaying us for borrowing our money is such a good idea. Now that the socialist have control good luck taking it back.

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  1. The Question "Enigma or a$$-clown?"
    was posed at

    on May 2, 2009

    Your answer preceded my question. It is of course the correct one, backed by your examples of why this is a fact.

    The "Enigma" refers to the hidden birthplace, unobtainable college records, and how he, of perhaps average intelligence but plenty of guile, got into Columbia and Harvard Law. Affirmative Action played part in that, of course--racial preference giving him a boost.

    Enigma--in the sense of it being inexplicable how without any accomplishment he managed to clamber up the political ladder to become the most dangerous man in the world to the country over which he now rules.

    In spite of his arrogance, studied affability, oratorical skill, legerdemain, and popularity in the Islamic world--or because of it--he is an ass clown.

    Thank you for first bringing that up