You can forget about buying small time crap like Ipods, Cars, homes et.., that crap is for small time players. No in the past 6 months we have developed a more expensive taste, companies. Next time you go into one of these places or need your car serviced make sure to drop the "Im an owner card". Tell them that you have or will be paying for it at the corporate level.

1. People that live in the state of Washington are well on their way to have a "STATE RUN" newspaper. That doesn't sound communist at all.....

2. For those of you that link Large banks are too bulky and hard to manage dont worry. The government will soon be purchasing smaller banks for you.

3. The brilliant socialist in D.C. have found a sneaky way for you to own private businesses. You see they will make the taxes higher than the profits of certain items. This should mean that you are getting these goods at cost.

How can they say that consumer spending is still at all time lows? Look at all the crap we are buying. If you ask me we are buying more crap now then ever before.

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