I listened to an idiot on KMBZ this morning say that the GOP needed more moderates in order to be taken seriously again. He came up with this number after ABC released a poll saying that only 20% of Americans call themselves Republicans. What the Jr. Obama propaganda man didn't take into consideration are the number of conservatives that no longer call themselves Republicans.

If someone were to ask me I wouldnt call myself a Repbulican, would you?

1. The same people that can't fix the failure of the Post Office are the ones that want to tell you which Health procedures you can get.

2. Another example of businesses being afraid of our emperor.

3. Colorado schools are asking students to plot attacks against the United States.

4. If we spent money to bailout GM and they still claim bankrupcy WHAT THE HELL DID WE SPEND THE MONEY FOR!

5. Proof that socialist women are complete idiots.

6. The emperor increases the deficit at record pace. Nice 100 days.

7. Is it a surprise that a man who befriended antiamericans in this country is popular with antiamericans in other countries? Hell his Sec of State up until Clinton was Rev Wright.

8. Cheney might be the only politician that got anything right over the weekend.

9. Stimulus money be used to rebuild elitist areas.
This is OK but saying "under god" in the pledge of allegeince is dangerous?

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