Every emperor wants to be known for something; the merciful, the compassionate, the warrior etc.. This clown is going to go down as the elitist. The first American president that tells you that he is better than you on a daily basis. Sound familiar?

1. Obama cares more than you do about the deficit. THEN WHY IS HE SPENDING!!! HE MAKES NO SENSE.

2. Obama seizes power in many ways.

3. The Russians are counting on Obamas weakness to further their own power.

4. Obama knows finance. He was a community organizer you know and that uh, well, you see, OH, he raised money for basketball goals so he should have total control of our system!

5. Will Obama seize your company? What's stopping him?

6. More power to a bank that we shouldnt even have. HUH?

7. ONE NETWORK QUESTIONS HIM and he cries like a baby? You wuss.

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