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After watching Obama the past week I think that even his strongest supporters have to admit that Mr. community activist is in over his head. Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Israel, Afghanistan and North Korea all have to be laughing at the lack of spine that this dude has.

Do you honestly trust this guy to keep us safe?

Well after reading these stories today it is safe to say that the Honeymoon is over and people are realizing that he is an emperor in sheeps clothing.

1. The strongest statement that this wimp has is that he is "very concerned'. Grow a pair coward.

2. Instead of wiping this rocket of the launch pad, we are getting ready to REACT to an attack from North Korea????????????

3. Lawmakers are afraid of Obamas secret police force.

4. Obamas own doctor thinks he is an idiot.

5. Socialist are fighting over global warming hoax.

6. Obamas approval rating is slipping, slipping, slipping away

7. Obama now wants to be King of the Sea..

8. The man that stole our money in order to create "jobs" LIED TO YOU!

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  1. In reference to North Korea, it is not just them we must deal with. It is the Chinese. Granted, the Chinese navy is not anything compared to ours. But I remember correctly, did we not already fight them once, and this current leader is completely out of touch. He will nuke someone.

    Just my uninformed opinion. Have a good Father's Day.