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I have been watching this Iran election fraud closely and I am having a hard time telling the difference between the socialist party in this country and the ruling party in Iran. The behaviors, actions and tactics are so similar that if you could take the headlines from one country and drop them in the other without confusion.

Who would of thought 6 months ago that our country would be Iran like? SOME OF US DID! We tried to tell you that this guy was an extremist but you knew better. You bought the slogan, the speech writing and the media bias and now look at what you have.

  • Your banking, businesses, salaries and health care are all either controlled now or soon will be controlled by the government.
  • You have a leader who is going unchecked by the State Run Media.
  • You have a man who is removing the rights of states.
  • You have a man who is dropping in Czars who DO NOT need to go before any committee.
  • You have a man that is purposely sinking the economy in order to create more reason to grasp power.
  • You have a man that spits in the face of our closest allies and kisses the asses of our biggest enemies.
  • You have a man that is taking away your rights and giving them to captured terrorists.
  • You have a man that will preach one thing yet live another.

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