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This man and his party are completely dedicated to destroying our country. There can be no other explanation for their actions. Seriously, read these stories. Disgusting.

1. Al Franken puts his incompetence on display for the whole world to see.

2. "Kiss my Black Ass". This is what we have come to in our elected leaders? This guy might be letting his new found powers get the best of him considering he is the Mayor of a crap hole.

3. Socialist Media outlets continue their attempts to destroy S A R A.

4. The morons in the White House have no freaking clue about the econom
y. This is the 3rd different statement to come out in less than a week.

5. Eco Terrorist threaten Internet porn.

6. You now owe someone $1 Trillion Dollars.

7. What the hell is Obama going to say to the leaders of a group of people that he hates?

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