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The left in this country are threatening your freedoms on a daily basis. Here are just a few examples of their elitist holier than though selves trying to F*** you over.
1. Of course liberal socialist in this country want to raise the tax rate. These elitist douche bags don't pay them.

2. Rep. Diane Watson (supporter of communism) drops the race card.

3. Katrina victims are being used as propaganda yet again. If Obama actually gave a crap about the people of New Orleans he wouldn't of waited 7 months before "cutting the red tape". Waiting for the anniversary of this tragedy is a chump PR move.

4. The socialist in this country couldn't even wait for the jackass's body to be put in the ground before they started exploiting his death for their own personal gain.

5. How power hungry can one man be? This mans power trip is rivaled only by Hitler and Stalin.

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