It was only a couple of months ago that Kool Aid drinkers were dancing in the streets after the biggest conman in American history was elected President. Now, not so much. They have thier backs up against the wall and are now facing the reality of Americans hatred for their policies. As time goes by and the numbers get lower the excuses, conspiracies and hate will increase. Don't fall for the trap, just sit back and watch these idiots self destruct and just remind them that they elected a man with no experience, terrorist friends, a hatred of Israel, a hatred of America and a hatred of success.

1. Obamas inexperience is going to make the Afghan war an
other Vietnam.

2. Patterson drops the race card. Yes, white people are too blame for Obamas ignorance.

3. Not only is the health bill a threat to democracy it is a threat to our lives.

4. Joe Lieberman continues to be the only Democrat with an ounce of sense. For a dirty democrat I actually like this guy.

5. The government is about to tell you how to raise your kids and what you can do and cant to their body.

6. The wimp Reid is about to get his walking papers. Cya douchebag.

7. Obama is funidng oil exploration IN BRAZIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey moron how about keeping the money at home

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