As Obama continues to pour the Kool-Aid more and more Americans are refusing to take a sip. Empty rhetoric, threats, lies and propaganda can only fool people for so long. But don't let your guard down. These folks will not quit their quest for power and destruction of our constitution.

1. As he tries to shift his stance on health care don't be fooled. Whatever he proposes will be a building block for the future takeover of our freedoms.

2. The government under Obama's watch can't even cut checks to fund their own program.

3. Wouldn't the messiahs speaking to school kids be a viola
tion of church and state?

4. Yet another attempt by elitist to control your behavior through taxes.

5. Obama and his Union Thugs target Wallstreet.

6. Obama praises Islam again as he legislates against Jewish, Christian and Catholic Americans.

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  1. Several times Obama has said "I am my brother's keeper" when describing his progams ..

    While his brother lives in a hut in Africa on $1 a day.