If you don't like the tie that the emperor is wearing today then you are clearly a racist.  If you don't like the same food he likes, then you are a racist, if you think his wife needs dental work, then you are a racist,  If you think that his position on trade with the China sucks, then you are a racist.  If you believe that the Celtics are better than the Lakers, then you are a racist.

Obviously the white guilt filled talking heads on the left haven't read the story about the boy who cries wolf.

1.  Old school elitist media is coming to an end....

2.  As Acorn offices continue to get exposed for the corrupt pieces of crap that they are Obamas soldiers hide in lies.

3.  The most traitors in our government are beginning to realize that their futures in socialist politics could be coming to an end.

4.  Your elitist government now believes that smoking outside needs to be banned.  Holy crap, these morons want to control everything. 

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  1. I'm proud that we elected an afro-American president. I am not proud of what he's doing, and I did not vote for him.

    We're pretty much hosed.