After skimming through the headlines today I seriously couldn't believe some of the stories out there.  There are so  many things being done and said by the Obama SS to ruin our country that one has to wonder how much lower these jackass's can go.  It seems that nothing is off limits and nobody is safe.  

1.  In one move the emperor has put most of our European allies at risk.  Why was this move made?
2.  Nancy Pelosi is the most ignorant person in this country.  The people that voted for this moron are complete jackass's.  HOW this woman gets away with saying this crap is beyond me.  
3.  Leftist terrorists go after man that doesn't believe in global warming.  
4.  Did Obama screw over our allies to help his mainstream media jackass's?
5.  Iran is now working on a delivery system for its upcoming nuke. And OBAMA gets rid of  our defense system.

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