The man that is suppose to be the leader of the free world is hell bent on controlling every aspect of your life.  What you eat, which doctors you go to, how much you make, which news outlets are allowed to exist, which cars you can drive, the temperature of your house, the type of TV that you watch...........  How is it that we are allowing this man to do this?  

Now this man has a list of names and groups that he is set to destroy.  We have seen this type of insecurity before, in Russia.  This man that claims to be like Lincoln MUST posses the DNA of Stalin.  He is insecure, thin skinned, has a brainwashed base of militants and has a temper that makes him the most dangerous man this country has ever seen.  This goes far beyond democrat vs. republican this is communism vs. democracy.

1.  If a school kid got caught with an "enemies list" they would be expelled from school.  Is our president above that?
2.  The Empire now wants to control the food supply....
3.  The Empire now wants to control the internet..........
4.  The Empire now controls executive pay.....
5.  Never before have we seen a president wage war on individual media personalities.  This man is the most insecure douche bag on the planet.  Brainless liberals have created an egomaniac that has the patience of Stalin.

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