With murder and violent crime (reported and not reported) is at an all time high I still haven't heard a single person step up and offer a plan.  Why is that?  I don't think anyone cares to be honest with you.  Are the powers that be just hoping that gang bangers will have killed so many people that there wont be anyone left to shoot?

Think about it.  There is more coverage and outrage going on over baggy pants in the Power and Light district than there has been regarding the slaughter taking place in KCMO. 

1.  Pregnant woman and unborn child slaughtered at the hands of local gunmen BUT the hipster douchebags in this town rather bitch about parking in front of their finger paint galleries.

2.  An honest man selling shoes to make a living is murdered in KCMO.  BUT we will probably hear more about the hottest selling Christmas toys this year.

3.  Shankings are taking place behind the schools in KCMO BUT we are more worried about government hyped flu shots.

4.  "I ain't no snitch".  No sir, you are just a dumb ass

5.  Did this dumb ass actually pose for the camera?  Spend $5 on a ski mask before you start robbing people.  It's not rocket science.