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What do you thing last nights loss did for the Kings ego?  Remember this is the same douche that set up a roman coliseum to give a speech.  The same douche bag that has his logo on every road project in America.  The more exposed this man gets the more people are realizing that electing him was one of the biggest mistakes in American history. 
Welcome back to earth liberal douche bags.
1.  The elitist in D.C. now have the power to control which charities they feel are worthy of tax deductions. This is unreal crap that we are witnessing.
2.  Another Obama pal has to run from his past. 
3.  The day after the Dems suffer one of their biggest losses they decide to increase spending, again
4.  Detroit mayor and Obama supporter has to pay 300 grand in fines
5.  Obama is leading yet another government takeover of business
6.  Welcome home voters!
7.  The more the Liar King spoke the less Americans wanted to hear him.
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