I tried not to watch that much news over the past couple of weeks due to the depressing crap that is constantly covered.  I swear that each and every time that I turned on local or national news the story had something to do with death or the loss of our freedoms (and sometimes a combo of both).

1.  Nancy Pelosi seriously thinks that you are ignorant F's that will believe every lie that comes out of her mouth.  Dear Nancy, the only thing that you have tried hiding more than the details of the health care bill are the wrinkles on you lizard like face.
2.  Democrats know that you won't elect them so they will run and hide rather than face the slaughtering this November for their lies and their vandalism of our constitution.
3.  The lack of seriousness that this president shows for our safety is alarming and could end up being deadly.
4. This Missouri Scout leader took Weblos literally.  
5.  It is good of us to nurse these terrorist back to health and then release them.  In what world does this make sense?
6.  Gilbert Arenas keeps suspended for Keeping it real yo.
7.  The city of Houston is getting ready to set up a concentration camp for babies.  
8.  Local meteorologist have added Nevada to their annual vacation list.
9.  More government fraud with bail out money. 
10.  It didn't take longer for Tigers Whores to cash in on their sluttiness.