One would think that the moron that we currently have occupying the White House would keep his eye on the ball as 10% of our work force is unemployed right?  Wrong.  Due to his complete failure on Health Care, Economy, Gitmo, Cap and Trade, Campaigning etc.. the administration is back talking about the Iraq war. 
1. Biden & Obama were both against the surge plan that Bush carried out BUT are now saying that the success of it is their doing.   And still some of you douche bags trust these lying elitist bastards.
2. Cheney calls out Biden for taking credit for Iraq war success.
3.  But before it became popular to attack Bush on every single policy he had Joe Biden was for eliminating the Iraqi threat…
4.  Then today Biden says that the Iraq war wasn’t worth the price……..
5.  Biden then says that it would be money that prevents the trial of KSM from being held in NYC.  How out of touch with the people of NYC and the rest of America is this guy that claims to be “one of us”.  Have you liberal pieces of crap totally forgotten about the attacks on September 11th?
6.  Biden thinks that we are completely safe from another attack – Conservatives aren’t willing to trust the dumb ass VP.
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