Holy crap I am sick of this damn weather.  Just when you think it couldn’t get any colder BAM!  Oh, and thank you very much weather people.  Is it possible for you to be more wrong?  Seriously, WTF is with this winter storm warning crap with no results?  What a waste of perfectly good Doppler! 
This has to be the longest Gary Lezak has ever waited for 5 inches
1.  Obama’s latest government expansion program will create an agency to study climate change. I am  glad that a man that can’t pass a health care bill is now going to work on global climate coverage.  Dumb Ass.
2.  Fox news tackles Valentines Day!
3.  Stupid man with stupid beard and stupid name and stupid hat makes stupid threats towards America.
4. American Airlines will now charge $8 for freaking blankets.  At least losing our luggage, delaying our flights and crappy service is still free.
5.  Toyota Execs are a bunch of whiney ass chicks. 
6.  John Edwards Sex Tape!  LMAO.  Great leader there Dems. 
7.  The city officials of King, North Carolina know how to spoil all the fun that comes with a snow storm.
8.  Levi Johnston has no problem making a fool of himself.  Seriously, what is this guys claim to fame?  That he knocked up an elected officials daughter?  Hell if Chelsea Clinton wasn’t so damn ugly I am sure that she would of been knocked up and  living in an Arkansas trailer park.   If they are going to try to pin this on Palin then we should do the same with Bill’s behavior right?
9. Howard Stern might be the only one capable of replacing Simon on American Idol
10.  Crist tells blatant lie in order to salvage his campaign.