While the rest of the country is busy dealing with real issues the Obama's are hanging out at country clubs, walking red carpets, laying out at beaches etc.. The President of the United Stats is more resident than president.  His leadership skills are terrible, his lies are huge, his desired destruction of the country is undeniable and his wife still has a huge overbite (eww)

1.   75k a day for the would be Queen to play princess in Spain.  

2.  Working a 2nd job?  Obama thanks you for picking up his golf and bbq bachelor weekend.

3.  Foreign press has a better understanding of Obama hypocrisy than mindless US liberals.  
4.  Michelle dines with Celebs while you struggle to put groceries in the fridge.
5.  Robert Gibbs says that we should leave Michelle alone because she is a "private citizen".   How many private citizens get to do this crap at taxpayer expense?  ELITIST ATTITUDE ON DISPLAY.
6.  But the rest of us can look forward to paying more for our groceries. 

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