It's amazing what 24 months will do to a mans legacy isn't it?  The election of this dumb ass was suppose to mark the end of conservatism in America.  Doesn't look like the liberal media and ignorant progressive burnouts were right about that one does it? 

This is what happens to America when masses of uneducated, unemployed, unmotivated and uninformed people show up to vote because it is the "in thing".  They liked his logo, they believed the crap that Oprah was telling them and bought into his simplistic plan of "hope and change". 

1.  The odor of the filth coming out of this guys mouth is now making people around him sick. 
2.  The man is blatantly lying to America about our financial condition.  Impeach him now.
3.  More fraud and corruption from this criminals foot soldiers. 
4.  Obama promises violence if he loses power 
5.  The biggest liar in American history is now using terrorism for political gain.  UNREAL!
6.  Mishandling of our tax dollars leads to dead people getting paid.  Where did that money really go?
7.  The Emperor is now issuing pardons to companies facing democrat imposed death penalties.  Why them and not everyone?

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