Sunday, January 23, 2011


A movie about Natalie Portman being a slut was #1 this weekend.  
Who said that Americans had bad taste!


There are so many over achievers this weekend that it was hard to choose who to feature.  The below pieces of crap did a great job of separating themselves from the rest of the pack.

1.  Only a thief in KCMO would be dumb enough to target a store in which the highest priced item is a dollar
2.  Cold temperatures don't frighten off Prospect ave. shooters.  1 dead.
3.  KCMO alley ways serve as tombs for its residents.
4.  Olathe Tough guy murders 3 week old child.  Have a nice short life in prison you piece of Sh&*
5.  Wichita is just now getting their first homicide of the year?  Slackers
6.  16 Year Old KCK chick get acceptance letter from her first choice prison.  Full Ride scholarship for life.


Being the number one host at the worst cable news network is like being the tallest midget. 
I for one will be sad to see this piece of crap go.  He was a daily reminder to Americans of what liberals really think. 

Keith Olbermann hated by most Americans.


Knocking up a Ivanka Trump is like winning power ball twice.  

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Anne Hathaway Catwoman

What the hell happened to Megan Fox?  Story


Some links to get you through the cold. 

1.  This kid put together his own online scouting report for his classmates looking to get a tight end in the first round.  I guess some parents didn't like where their daughter was slotted in the draft.
2.  Left wing baby killer used scissors to kill at least 7 kids.
3.  In an effort to calm the rhetoric a liberal commie bastard calls republicans Nazis.
4.  Not even Paris Hilton would snort what these two dumb asses did.
5.  Gordon Brown continues to be a piece of spineless, alarmist Euro Trash.
6.  Michelle Obama got all dressed up and was full of smiles for a man that supports the killing of little girls to control his countries population.  She is such a great mother.
7.  Christina Aguilera has officially become a drunken slut.  Bout damn time.
8.  Playboy on an IPAD?



Here is a listing of local crime events canceled due to current weather conditions. 

1.  Drive By Shootings
2.  Car Jackings
3.  Home Invasions
4.  Whoring 
5.  Slanging
6.  Stabbings

Be sure to tune in early tomorrow for more listings

Monday, January 17, 2011

Daily Link Blast

I tried to find links that didn't deal with all the crap surrounding the Arizona Shooting.  I think that we could all use a break from all of that for at least a few days.

1.  Commie Scientist at NASA thinks that the people that voted in November are too ignorant to live.
2.  Ugly people are screwed in life.  Low IQ's should add to their self esteem.
3.  3rd graders in UFO country smoke pot to cope with alien life.
4.  Slime ball John Edwards gets ready to face a grand jury for being a wife hating douche bag.
5.  Looking to cure the winter blues?  Here are some tips to help you get through this miserable season.
6.  FHM releases its hottest 100 women list. Unfortunately for us these guys are terrible judges.
7.  Chinese leaders insult United States as they come to see their buddy Obama (who also hates America).
8.  Food crisis panic begins.  This is what happens in the absence of leadership.


This woman is always in the news.  Best Actress Golden Globes (video acceptance speech)

Ugly Woman, Uglier living conditions

If you are an animal lover than you probably shouldn't read about this beauty queens house and the animals found inside. 

THE WIRE - Shell Casings

When there is only a single murder in KCMO it almost seems like a fluke.  I am sure that the rest of the bodies will start showing up later this week.

1,  Ain't no party like an East Side Party if you want to get shot.

2.  This story could only take place in a town called Gypsum, Ks.  Stupid Hillbillies

3.  The Wornall area is getting worst each week that passes.

4.  Gun shot wounds are so common in KCK that they are now being called "minor injuries" .  Two shot in KCK gang battle.

Hayden Panettiere Pasties?

This is her Golden Globes Dress?  What does she wear while stripping?

JAY ELECTRONICA - Shiny Suit Theory

Thursday, January 13, 2011


100k for Nicki Minaj porn?  Probably not the best investment someone could make. 

5 non-rushing TDs of 2010 - KC Chiefs

Looking back on the 2010 Chiefs season courtesy of Yahoo

Daily Link Blast

Some stories that I pulled from the heaps of crap out there today.

1.  Change = Increase in jobless claims, wholesale food, oil and freedom
2.  Wondering what happened to the hot slut teachers from a few years back?
3.  Somethings  never change.  CIA has a history of recruiting drug kingpins, kinda like now. 
4.  Mother's Facebook barn raising more important than drowning child
5.  Violent left wingers want a mother and wife killed.
6.  Freedom of speech is a thing of the past under our current regime.
7.  Liberals will stop at nothing to tax you.  One hour old child that died.........taxed!
8.  Everyone knows that the Victoria Secret models from back in the day are much better than the skanks they have now.
9. 10 symptoms of a male cold - obviously written by a woman.
10.  Tonys kansas city takes on the Port Authority

Gang Starr - Take It Personal

Flashback Friday

Who shot Ya? - Notorious B.I.G

Flashback Friday

Love's Gonna Get'cha-KRS-0ne

Flashback Friday

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


A little bit of everything today.

1.  Billions later and Haiti still in ruins.
2.  So blaming conservative talk radio for a shooting didn't work this time so they are going to try again next time?
3. Top 10 cars from TV.
4.  If they will shove a gram of cocaine up someones ass to get it across the border then a cruise ship shouldn't be that shocking.
5.  5 things you need if you want to be a good office drunk.
6.  Piece of crap liberal politician is using the death of a 9 year old girl to raise money.
7.  Wussification hits American Idol
8.  Obama thanks the incompetent sheriff in Arizona for what?  Letting 6 people get killed under his watch?  20 people getting wounded?  Death of a 9 year old girl? Or is it carrying the water for the democrats.
9.  Stephine Seymour incest ?
10.  Olivia Munn shows it all on Maxim cover and the religious right are going crazy.

Raekwon Incarcerated Scarfaces

Hump day music


I had to stop watching this show because of how disgusting the houses and people were. Well, this tops everything.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Daily Link Blast - "Never let a crisis go to waste"

The left wing in this country is out of control.  That is all I need to say. 

1.  Billions of dollars wasted again by liberals.  Wind farms fail in cold weather
2.  Left wing media gets exposed for its coverage of the shooting in Arizona.
'LEFT WING POTHEAD"  way to exploit the death of a 9 year old girl you sick F*&@S.
3.  Instead of taking responsibility for letting 6 people get killed and 20 wounded under his watch, this jackass sheriff tries blaming Republicans?  Has the November elections really made you bastards this desperate?
4.  Megyn Kelly exposes the Sheriff for the fraud that he is.
5.  Left wing psychos are exploiting the death of a 9 year old girl to push their liberal agenda.  Gun Control, Fairness Doctrine, speech and symbols , destruction of Palin, REMEMBER these people "never let a crisis go to waste".
6.  Meanwhile Mexico finds 14 decapitated bodies amongst 31 murders in resort city.
7.  Left wingers now attack parents of 9 year old girl who was murdered.


Is there really a need for 3-D porn?  
Do people really want things flying at their heads while watching this crap?


I swear to got this guy could screw up a wet dream.  All year we kept hearing about his new snow plan and today it fell completely short of expectations.  KCMO streets still sucked and more money was wasted.

Sunday, January 09, 2011


How in the hell do you get hit by a train while you are walking?  It's not like a train can sneak up on someone. Was this guy in a desperate need to tie his shoes before dodging this thing?  WOW. 


Despite the cold temperatures, Chiefs game, warning from the Mayor and the Aflockalypse the city's best and brightest continued on with their murdering ways.  This goes to show you the production level that an unionized workforce can provide.

1.  BP spills blood up in the Northland with the help of some fine citizens.
2.  The only time we ever hear of a street in KCK is when somebody gets shot.  May Lane gets 2.
3.  North OP crime continues to rise.  Jimmy Johns Robbery
4.  Gladstone Bank Robbed and nobody cares.
5.  Assault weapons are the alarm clock of choice in the East Side

Bizarre FT. Yelawolf - Down This Road TRACK OF THE WEEK

Great Blog - Web Urbanist

"What We Do: City life is at the heart of global change – and visual culture is at the center of those centers, reflecting our collective zeitgeist. From urban design and subversive art to stunning architecture, our authors scour the net to find the most creative, innovative and engaging works of art and design in the world. Each article contains as many relevant images and links as possible, part of an attempt to be exhaustive, responsible and informative as possible within any given subject area."

Natalie Portman Soft Porn

For the past few months there hasn't been a single week that has gone by that Natalie Portmans naked body hasn't been mentioned.  I am not sure who is handling the PR for her but............Thank you.

Saturday, January 08, 2011


Guest poster Ernest Evans is here with his annual report

"With Malice Toward None, With Charity Toward All"     By Dr. Ernest Evans

            "A Tale of Two Cities:  Crime in KCMO, 2007-2010"

            In 2010 crime patterns in KCMO continued the trends that had been the norm in 2008 and 2009.  Since 2007, there has been a slight but real decline in homicides in the white/asian/hispanic neighborhoods of the city--and a massive surge in homicides in the black neighborhoods of the city. Here are the statistics: In 2007 there were 94 homicides in KCMO--62 black and 32 other races.  In the following years here are the homicide statistics:  2008:  95 black/31 other races.  2009:  81 black/29 other races. 2010: 81 black/25 other races. And, alarming as these homicide figures are for the black neighborhoods of the city, I feel that they tell only part of the story of the near collapse of order in these neighborhoods:  Students of crime have often noted that there is a "counter-cyclical" movement of homicide rates to other crime stats:  When homicides go up sharply in certain neighborhoods, other forms of violence "fall"--they do not actually decrease, but people are so afraid of the power of the gangs and criminal elements that they stop reporting crimes.  This appears to have happened in the black neighborhoods of KCMO since 2007.  The converse is also true:  When homicides in certain neighborhoods fall significantly, other forms of crime "rise"--they rise because people feel safe enough to start reporting crimes to the police again. This past year in Detroit there was a 26% drop in homicides--not surprising, other forms of crime "increased" because people felt safer about reporting crimes. Another, quite alarming fact in crime in KCMO in 2010:  A further decline in the clearance rate of homicides:  These clearance rates had fallen in 2008 and 2009 to about 50%--in 2010 they further fell to about 40%. A massively disproportionate number of these unsolved homicides are black homicides--it is increasingly the case that in the black neighborhoods of KCMO one can get away with murder.

           "Why This Crime Surge in the Black Neighborhoods of KCMO?"

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Kansas CIty we missed you

2011 an SOB Odyssey

2010 was a year of side projects and elections for us which reduced the posting on the blog.  I hated leaving my 2 or 3 readers in limbo but duty called. Fear not reader(s) we will back at full strength this year and well, we will actually be making money while doing it.  HA! 

We missed covering the idiotic short comings of the degenerates in this city.  Luckily for us nothing ever changes in Kansas City.  Murders are still high, the schools still suck, violent crime is the norm and joco continues to neglect the north part of the county. 

I guess the one good thing that we noticed is that the majority of local bloggers have called it quits.  Thank god.  Let's face it, if your local blog isn't listed in my blog roll then you aren't worth reading and you did us all a favor by quitting.

Scoreboard KCK

Could this finally be the year that the runner up city (in everything) overtakes KCMO for the murder throne?  Doubtful, but they did get on the scoreboard first this year with the first homicide in the metro. 

Way to go fellas. 


"And today, modern governments have all the tools to transform their country into a creeping police state, more so now then ever before, in this electronic age. They have access to information technology that previous full-fledged “police state” governments could only have dreamed about."
BIG BROTHER: The Police State Mentality in the Electronic Age by Rodrigue Tremblay

Ezra Klein on the U.S. Constitution

As if you needed more proof of the lefts hate for our constitution.


These two links (below) are to a story regarding the decline of Detroit over the past decade and the waste land it has become.

Another perfect example of liberals in control of an economy. 
1.  Slideshow
2.  Story

Crooked Ass Obama

For 2 years we have had to sit back and watch the most crooked president in American history destroy our country. In 2011 that all comes to an end.  The god king and his minions will be investigated and punished for their illegal actions and plots to destroy our constitution.   They know this and are now trying to hide behind yet another name for socialism/communism "the no label party".   Fool us once........

1.  Darrell Issa calls Obama administration the most corrupt in American history. 
2.  Hillary and Hugo - A match made in heaven
3.  Liberal Media (abc news) - Warns Republicans
4.  Obama, Pelosi and Reid delay your tax refunds because they think your money is theirs.
5.  Does anyone know what Ken Starr is doing??
6.  Peppermint Paddy doesn't care about American law enforcement officers
7.  Jack ass Joe Scarborough talks about running for office again.  Be afraid America.

Dr. Dre - Group Therapy