Monday morning reading. 

1.  But Jesus does hate Obama.
2.  Obama heard his favorite Anti American song played on the piano this weekend by one of his buddies from China.  Did I mention it was at the White House?
3.  The United Nations wants to take over American advertising. 
4.  MTV's reality production gets executives backing
5.  Sex in public for dummies
6.  Fresh off of his visit with baby slaughtering buddies in China, Obama celebrates Roe v Wade
7.  The Obama curse strikes the NFL.  Poor bears.
8.  The mailing of welfare checks isn't enough to keep this KCK Post office open
9.  What does it say about your city when the police stations aren't even safe?  Holy crap Detroit.
10.  I guess when you are over 90 you don't really need 2 legs.

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