Leftist Endanger Us

Does anyone feel good about having Obama at the helm during all of the uprisings in the Middle East?  Remember this quote from the Godfather  "things are going to get rough, and I need a wartime consigliere." ?  I wouldn't trust Obama to lead our nation to victory in a snowball fight.

1.  Jimmy Carter thinks that the Arabian brotherhood are a bunch of swell guys.  Does Jimmy Carter really feel like he is the one to speak about the Middle East?  Did he FORGET ABOUT THE IRAN HOSTAGES.
2.    Our lack of intelligence regarding the revolution in Egypt is another example of the lefts inability to protect the country.  Shades of Bill Clinton and Bin Laden
3.  Obama turns his back on Israel when they need us most.  Did we really expect our Muslim president to support Israel?
4.  Iran gives Obama the finger as they send warships towards Israel
5.  Mexican soldiers cross our borders and Obama does nothing.

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