Obama - Failure to Lead

Where the hell is this guy?  With all that is going on in the world right now our cowardly president is speaking about bullying and hiding from real issues.  The phone has been ringing at 3am and this guy has let the calls go straight to VM.

1.  As America retreats the FRENCH plan to attack.
2. The lack of action by Obama is leading to the slaughter of freedom fighters in Libya
3.  The party of Obama will stop at nothing to protect the rights of Americans   terrorist.
4.  67% price increase in gas since our leftist president took office.
5.  The economy continues to fail under the moronic gentleman from Illinois.  Trade deficit up - Jobless claims up
6.  There is no difference between the Union THUGS of the left and domestic terrorists.  The people that are making these death threats should be hunted down and locked up for good.  New civility my ass.
7.  Cowardly Dems might be coming back to Wis.

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