We live in a F'd up Time in History

For the first two years of our community activist's leadership he went from country to country apologizing for America and showing them that we are a weak country under his leadership.  The results...........

1.  Mexican drug cartels are crossing our borders and beheading people
2.  Iranian Leadership is schooling Obama
3.  Obamas buddies are traveling the world pushing an antisemitic agenda.
4.  Obama too much of a chicken shit to face reporters
5.  Obama doesn't believe that we are fighting a war against terrorism.  Tell that to their families
6.  Obama trusts Muslim extremist more than citizens of our country.
7.  Gun owners are now being sought out in the land of Obama.
8.  Box Cutters make it past Obamas goons "guarding" our airlines.
9.  Obamas Union Militia is ready to start taking out Republican politicians
10.  Jewish people are issued orders by Obama to behave and change.

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