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Real Problems

This country has real problems and real threats YET some of you want to talk about a musician going to the White House?  Give me a break you freaking hypocrites. 

1.  Want proof that Obama is a dumb ass?  He is pushing for sub prime loans AGAIN.
2.  Is there a day that goes by that someone doesn't declare a new Jihad on us?
3.  Raising a Fat Kid?  Expect to be taxed for what you kid looks like  This from a "Republican".  If we are going to tax anyone for looks it should be chicks that wear mom jeans and fat chicks wearing spandex.
4.  Nation of Nerf - Farting is to offensive for a school bus ride.....
5.  Further Proof that Harry Reid is a $@SSY.
6.  Obama hates black people.
7.  Qaddafi still alive and kicking despite Obama's war against him.

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