Because Liberalism Sucks

Because you are too freaking stupid to figure it out on your own.

1.  The carbon footprint that this guys teleprompters leave has to be equal to that of 10,000 farting cows.
2.  Everyone has an illegal Uncle Omar in their family.
3.  Is Lady Gaga more of a man than our wimp and chief?
4.  Finally a flash mob I can get behind!  Cyclist beware lol
5.  If we are going to arrest people for "lack of common sense" then we better just put a lock on the doors at the Democratic National  Convention.
6.  What is it exactly that you take away from a Tibetan monk when you lock him up in Jail?
7.  Obama hopes that Hurricane cleanup lasts until 2012.
8.  Is it Racist to think that AlGore calles global warming doubters racist?
9.  Obama's hometown empowers pedophiles.

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