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Let's just go ahead and throw the whole notion of civility out the window.  What the liberal extremist want is for you to remain silent while they destroy this country. Wenches like Maxine Waters would be the first one to cry foul to the media if someone even frowned at her.  

2.  If only Biden's father would of followed the one child law that the Chinese follow and Biden wont question.
3.  Another liberal haven has homes for sale at the 10k price point.  A micro version of the macro that Obama and friends are trying to create. 
4.  Morgan Freeman and the rest of Hollywood want Obama to go Maxine Waters on over half the country.
5.  Begging pregnant chicks are getting slaughtered in the home of Obama while he sips on drinks with straws on vacation. 
8.  If you are white and from the south then Obama thinks you are racist.  
9.  Union Violence and threats run rampant across the country.  Just ask Nick Wrights dad.

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