1930's Germany is Occupy Wall Street

The similarities between 1930's Germany and the OWS movement should scare the crap out of average Americans.  How can the president of a capitalist country like ours support this militant hate group of anarchist?

1.  Remember the last group of people that blamed Jewish people for their financial situation? And again in LA
2.  Wealthy power hungry mental case funding Occupy morons.
3.  Backed in a corner of ineptitude our dictator and chief throws even more support behind his #OWS troops.
4.  More OWS Friends - Al Qaeda. Nazis and Commies.. UnFreaking Real.
5.  Obama pisses on the MLK dedication by making it about him and the OWS terrorists
6.  Their hate for America in Song..... "FUCK THE USA"
7.  Wearing an American Flag pin is insulting to people in AMERICA and cause for termination.
8.  Al Sharpton continues his attempts to become an OWS leader.
9.  Libyan officials criticize NYPD. Yes, Libya 
10.  OWS is looking for support from convicts.  Yes, OWS hates bankers but loves Rapist, Murderers and Pedophiles.

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