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Obama's Troops Are Marching

The President of the United States and his financial backers are out to create chaos in America before they get the boot next year.  Typically the President is suppose to unite the country and work for all of its citizens and protect our democracy.  Does the rhetoric of this president and actions of his supporters jive with that?  Hellz No.

The great uniter who once called for a return to civility wont rest until our major cities resemble those in Europe.  They want riots, "springs", anarchy so that they create more crisis to exploit.  This plan is exactly what other communist regimes have done in the past to grasp power for a wealthy elitist ruling class.  

1. 99% of the people protesting have no clue as to why they are protesting.  Hell most of them couldn't even tell you where they were. 
4.  Michelle Obama's attempt to be a "commoner" was staged.  Duh.  This is the same woman that has spent millions of tax payer dollars on her own personal entertainment.  MILLIONS. 
5.  Another group that liberals hate, Fat People.  
7.  Jesse Jackson says that America is "On the edge of Explosion"
10.  Holy Crap, this is bringing them all out.  Van Jones.  All that we are missing are some Acorn Hookers. 
11.  George Soros.  

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