Liberal Butt Cancer

Liberalism is a disease that eats away at the core of a nation.  This butt cancer spreads quickly and can reappear after you thought you rid yourself of it.  

1.  Pelosi might in fact be the Wicked Witch of the West.  Has there ever been a more hate filled person in politics?
2.  In true elitist form Urkel takes another Hawaiian vacation (17 days).  How many vacation days does this guy WHO DOES NOTHING get?  Compare that to the vacation days of a NYC Fireman...
3.  The liberal wussification of America has mad it so that a boy fighting off bullies can get charged with sexual harassment.
4.  9 year old calls teacher cute and gets suspended.  Thanks Liberals!
5.  The UN is now taxing America for the "good of the planet".  Thanks Liberals!  You just know that money will be well spent
6.  #OccupyWallStreet chalks up almost 400 incidents in the police blotter so far.
7.  Another Government controlled agency fails for the 100th time
8.  Touching Dick can land you in front of the supreme court.

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