Obama Biden trying to create civil unrest

Has anyone alive ever seen the type of hatred that the socialist party has been spewing in presidential politics?  The outright lies, race bating, class warfare, elderly abuse and disregard for anyone that has a different opinion than those of the current leadership is creating a divide in this country that will not ever be fixed.  If anything, we are sure to see escalations before the election and after if Obama wins.  

You can see it in normal everyday conversations at the office or with your neighbors.  The mild mannered political discourse that use to occur in this country has been replaced with shouting matches, ruined friendships, students attacked by teachers, property damage and yes even violence.    

Does anyone else feel like they are sitting on a barrel that says TNT on it with a bunch of people throwing matches at you? 

1.  Biden tells room full of black people that Romney is going to put them all in chains.
2.  Leftist refuse to let Paul Ryan speak at event in Iowa.
3.  CNN wants to make the candidates religion an issue come election time.
4.  First Lady talks down to Olympic Gold Medal Winner about her eating habits.  WTF
5.  In what seems like something that would only take place in 1937 Germany, STATE workers were transported to Leftist events so that the crowds would look impressive.  OH, tax payers paid for it all. 
6.  Obama will only buy beer for his own people.  Isn't he suppose to be the President of the UNITED STATES.  More divide. 
8.  Obama team silences critics within their own party. Cory Booker isn't worthy of Obama's time.
10.  WTF is Shared Prosperity doing in the United States.  They aren't even trying to hide their communist agenda anymore.

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