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Tales from the Hood

Stories and information about the metro that your ignorant asses probably missed

1.  Nothing beats following the destruction of Kansas City's Urban Core through Twitter.
2.  Thousands of cars will be pulled over in JOCO to catch 10 drunks.  Great stats!
3.  Having a ton of kids in a small house is cool in Olathe.  Figures
4.  Prairie Village uptight douche bags fight against.........Sidewalks!
5.  The purchase of a Garage is front page news in Louisburg....
6.  More road construction in 2013 for Overland Park.  Is that even possible?
7.  First Trader Joes and now IKEA?  We are almost all growed up.
8.  Will this new dog park hand out Bullet Proof vests for rover?
9. McCaskill hopes that you forgot that she was Obama's whore for the first 3 years of his presidency as they legitimately raped our nation.

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