Billy Bad Ass.... Yeah right

It's amazing how tough Obama has gotten now that the election is over isn't it?  For 12 months this guy hid, ducked and dodged everything and anybody that might ask him a tough question or challenge him on  any issue.  NOW the guy is calling people out and challenging them to take him on. Sadly, he still looks like a skinny little wimp that can't throw a baseball, can't bowl and wears mom jeans ( you would think that someone that did cocaine would be cooler right?).  He charges the mound knowing that the catcher will stop him before he gets to the pitcher.  He is the bad ass "trying" to get free from a group of people holding him back from getting his ass kicked.
Now he is a wimp with power and no fear of repercussions for his abuse of it.  Way to go libs.  
1.  Obama has been hanging around Jay Z too much.  "if they want to go after someone, go after me".  
5.  His lackey is afraid to take on street gangs and instead goes after vending machines.  "The Godfather"  my ass.  
7.  Old Hag attacks reporters for asking if she is too old of a Hag to lead.

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