America Is F'd Enjoy.

The Lies, Lies, Lies and yes more lies that Obama told during the election are finally starting to get exposed to the dumb ass's that voted for him.  These headlines will want to make you throw up and wonder what country you are actually living in.  

1.  Remember when people said "They will never take away our guns"... They wont, HE will
2.  When Leftist journalist talk about shooting and killing someone it is a joke post Newtown?
3.  Liberals continue to fund the slaughtering of minority babies at a record pace. 333k killed.  Nice genocide.
4.  Hollywood has made slavery cool.....
5.  The Obamanation - A nation of pansy ass psycho hipster douche bag mental cases.
6.  Obama's female employees get pulled from Kitchen duty so that they can take part in photo op.
7.  Hillary will finally have her story straight in 2 weeks.
8.  Iowa lawmaker wants to raid your house and remove your weapons.  
9.  Obama is now the daddy of 25% of the nations kids.
10.  Socialism is spreading among the youth in this country.
11.  Union Leaders laugh about killing the wealthy.  Post Newtown?

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