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How did we get here?

When did this country get this jacked up?

Doesn't it seem that just about everything that was "normal" in this country is almost extinct?  The America of today looks nothing like the one I grew up in and hoped to raise my kids in.  Talk like the below use to be heard out of France, Italy and Spain, not our country.

The Obama administration will not rest until they control 50% of your income, control your healthcare, take your retirement dollars, tax you when you die, watch your every personal move, have drones patrolling every city, make owning ammunition illegal, raise your kids, tell you what you can eat, tell you what and when you should drive and before long tell you where you can live and who is eligible for home ownership.

1.  MSNBC Host is pro communism and wants your kids.
2.  The government wants to invade your internet privacy and is taking action to make it happen.
3.  The government pisses on hopes of returning to the moon.  40 years earlier this was a source of pride for our country.
4.  Scarborough is a laughing stock and should never be taken seriously as a "Republican".  John McCain is in same boat.
5.  Remember when being a doctor in America attracted the best and brightest?  Not now.
6.  Remember when important issues such as immigration were debated in public?  Now they have a "Gang of 8" meeting behind closed doors.
7.  When your VP is campaigning for a New World Order....

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