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Never let a tragedy go to waste - Every liberal in America

The liberal media has been hoping and praying all week that the terrorists  will be white, right wing and registered Republicans since Monday.  They have hoped and prayed that they could blame guns, Republicans in congress and yes even CLIMATE CHANGE. 
Liberals are dangerous.  They want to disarm Americans, refuse to use the word terrorists and won't continue to fight the terrorists in their homeland.  

1.  Cuomo blames Global Warming!
2.  CISPA passes this week.
3.  Jay Mohr blames "Gun Culture" for Boston bombings by terrorists.  Huh?
4.  Liberals at Salon hope and pray for the terrorists to be White.  Hopes and dreams dashed
5.  Obama guts domestic bomb prevention. Oops
6.  Liberal Media blows it
7.  Chris Mathews blames Tea Party because of Tax Day...Hopes it's white Guys
8.  CNN hopes its White guys that did this
9.  Brian Mathews brings up sequester.  Even though it is an Obama made and Obama aproved
10.  MSNBC blames NRA for slowing down terrorist search

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