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A Country without leaders

Have you ever seen a bigger cluster fuck than what is Obama's policy in the Middle East and more specifically Syria?  Can someone tell me why it is a good idea to interrupt a war that has two groups of people that hate America killing each other?  Or why it is suddenly a good idea to arm, train and support the people that have been killing Americans since September 11th?

One doesn't have to look any further than leadership in our country to see why we are lost and in danger of repeating mistakes that we have made since the early 1950's.  This isn't strictly an indictment on the losers in the DNC but also the douches that are suppose to be leading the RNC.

The cast of characters that will go down in history as the biggest foreign policy fuck ups in American History.  We all know that the whole Dem Party is full of jackass's but lets start naming the Republicans that have failed us and recognize them now and hold them accountable in the future.

McCain, Boehner, Graham and Cantor have bastardized the Republican Party and are only interested in their own preservation.  They are no different than Clinton, Obama, Kerry etc...  and anyone that believes otherwise is a freaking joke.

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