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Greg Orman Epic Douche Bag

Let us not kid ourselves about what is going on here in our state.  Greg Orman is a liberal democrat dressed up as an "independent" so that some of you ignorant people will vote for him
instead of Roberts.  This whole scheme was probably thought up 9 months ago in some DC legal firms office.

Can't you see them right now just laughing about how they are going to fool the "ignorant farmers" in the land of Oz?  Sadly they just might be right if the polls are accurate.  This elitist liberal douche bag has you snowed.  He will be just another wealthy elitist telling us how to live, how much money we can have and how we are killing this planet.  He of course wont live by those same standards.

Voting for this guy will just be another vote to keep Harry Reid as majority leader.  

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