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3 Year Old shows Praise Unjustified.

For close to a year now the Mayor and Chief of Police in KCMO have taken credit for a false reduction in crime in the East Side and some of you actually believed them.  With yet another child
getting murdered in KCMO it is going to be hard for them to keep this charade up isn't it?  Doubtful.

The Mayor will blame everything and everyone except the people that murdered this poor kid.  I have all ready heard him blame guns for it and I am sure that the economic situation will be next followed closely by the racial divide in this city.  Not the fact that KC has a gang problem that nobody talks about.  Not that KC is one of the major distribution centers for drugs in America, not that all of the social welfare programs have failed, not that the gun used in the murder was probably obtained illegally, not that the family foundation in the East Side is made of balsa wood..

Can we now call this Mayor and Police Chief a failure in crime prevention?  NO?  Ok, how about the next time a toddler gets killed?  Please let me know.

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