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A year away from blogging - Random list of thoughts

I have always been known for random lists of beliefs, thoughts etc... So here is some random crap that happened or thought about over the past year dealing with my medical issues.

1.  Those of you that believe that the government isn't efficiently run and is full of lazy incompetent
employees are correct.  My dealings with disability, unemployment etc.. has put me into contact with some of the most unqualified employees I have seen since I ran into K-Mart 15 years ago to buy a package of batteries. 

2.  The state of Kansas has a special program that randomly picks unemployed people to "help" land jobs.  The program is a complete waste of government money and provides no real service.  The people there are not professionals skilled in career development and the tools that they provide are outdated and better ones can be found for free on Career Builder.  I will actively campaign to get this program either fixed or it's funding removed. 

3.  Batman vs. Superman wasn't nearly as bad as the comic book dorks make it out to be.  The main complaint is the length of the movie...  Keep in mind that the movie is reintroducing 4 characters and plot lines and that the people complaining the most are the lost generation of millennials who have all been treated for ADD since they came off the teet of their helicopter parenting mother that they still live with.

4.  Gretchan Carlson Sucks- I couldn't believe that the people at Fox News believed that Carlson
could carry a show on her own or that anyone really gave a  crap about her opinions on anything other than Harlequin Romance novels.  Imagine my happiness when I saw that she got canned and my lack of surprise that she filed a lawsuit on her way out the door.

5.  Shepard Smith needs more air time - A lot of conservatives believe that he is too liberal for Fox News but what they fail to understand is that he is a calming voice and the only guy I want to watch when something big is going down  such as terrorist attacks.

6.   Let's face it, our airport sucks.  Yes it is convenient but other than that it is a total eyesore and sucks inside.  If I didn't live here and had a layover in KC I would think that we were a 3rd world country.

7.  Overland Park is losing its middle class - If you wanted to move into a brand new home in Overland Park and pay under 300k for it you would be out of luck.  Everything being built now is 500k to 1.5 million and the retail that is being built beside it is too high end.  If you are a family of 4 living off of 150k in the Blue Valley area then you are considered poor.

8.  The streetcar was a bad idea for one reason and one reason only, IT IS TOO SHORT OF A ROUTE.  This thing should of ran from the Plaza to the River Market/Columbus Park.

9.  I wish we had more ethnically centralized parts of town like a Little Italy, Russia, Ireland, Cuba etc.. Instead we have bland neighborhoods with little to know identity other than "bar districts". Our city use to have awesome little pockets like that, WTF happened

10.  Anyone that says that there is nothing to do Downtown is a fool.  In my 40 some years of living in this city I have never seen a more thriving downtown than I do now.  Sadly most of it is full of generic bars (as stated above) but there are still events, housing, entertainment and a little bit of retail down there.  If you are in the burbs get off your ass and check it out.

11.  The Plaza is lost.  When I can eat at the same places that are on the Plaza without driving past 119th street then why bother with the crime and lack of highway access?

12,  Benefits and programs for people that have cancer in this town are a joke.  We may be great a treating kids with Children Mercy and great charities but if you are an adult with Cancer in this city you are screwed.  The oncology departments here are not nationally recognized and finding help with medical bills for any cancer besides breast in this town is impossible.  Yes people there are other forms of cancer that are far more deadly and crippling in this city yet nobody cares unless it has nipples.

13.  The Brooksider is still the official douche bag bar in the region and the Corner Cocktail is the best kept secret in the city.

14.  People that attend COR don't do it for religious purposes.  It is nothing more than a glamorized hangout that makes tax free money hand over fist.  The head of that church will go down as Overland Park's very own jerry falwell.  The church is a breeding ground for adultery, insider trading, cougar bar and wife swapping.  This is not speculation, the facts are there if you live any where in Blue Valley, you know it.

15. Overland Park is home to 2 of the biggest hook up bars in the city.  Kanza Hall is where you go find 21 year  old girls that will sleep with anyone or two after having a beer and Touche is probably the most disgusting bar in the whole city.  Not only is the place full of STD's but it might be home to the most ugly people in the region.  Sadly the women that go to both bars dress the same, the girls at Kanza Hall can pull it off bu the women at Touche, good lord cover your eyes.

16. I didn't know 710 am was on the radio until I was at corporate woods for the 4th and some guy that claimed he had a morning show took the stage to give away t shirts and mouse pads.  Who knew?

17.  The best addition to KC media has to be Zach Burns on 98.1.  If they would dump his bland old maid cohost in favor of someone else the show would be perfect.

18.  Dana & Parks don't annoy me anymore.  They finally dropped politics (like I suggested a long time ago) and the show is actually entertaining.

19.  I can't believe that the KC Star still has a paywall set up.  You would think that a paper failing as bad as theirs would do anything they can to get people to support their writers.

20.  AT&T Fiber use to work great but ever since they expanded their coverage the performance of there product has slipped and I get outages at least 3 tines a day.  I will be switching to google fiber once it gets here.

21.  I am typically a Sam Adams beer drinker but Tank 7 is my beer of choice if at a bar.

22.  Amazon Prime and HULU suck.

23.  I dumped my MacBook for a PC. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of Apple but I wasn't all that impressed with the Macbook except for how it synced with my phone, tablet and watch.

24.  Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush and Kasich are all sore losers and douche bags who will have no future in politics after 2016. . They claimed to be for "the people" but when it comes down to it they are only out for themselves and their egos.

25.  The movie "13 Hours" is one of the saddest most maddening movies I have ever watched.

26.  I use to think that there was  NO WAY anyone could fill a 1TB Hard Drive... I have now done it twice.

27.  Women that vote Democrat are usually ugly and own at least 2 cats.

28.  Men that vote Democrat are typically the guy married to the ugly chick.

29.  People that vote for Hillary Clinton are the lowest forms of life to ever exist on the planet.  The lies, deaths, murders and way she treats people is sickening.

30.  Those that say the economy has improved over the past 8 years are either on Wall Street or living on welfare.  People like myself who were solid middle class earners have seen their income cut in half.  It is a fact that can not be denied.

31.  In the biggest decision so far in 2016 I chose to go with Team Capt America even though my personality is closer to that of Ironman.

32.  As a kid I never read comic books, watched Sci Fi movies (other than Star Wars and Star Trek) but while I was in the hospital for treatment (the kept me in isolation due to amount of radiation they left in my body for a week) I became hooked on Marvel movies etc..

33.  I will be getting an Amazon Echo/Alexa in the next few days to help me with the issues with my head that I have had since my motorcycle accident.  I will keep you informed.

34.  There might not ever be a bigger sell out in US Political history than Bernie Sanders.  What a spineless pansy.


  1. I disagree with your assessment of Dana and Parks.

    To me, 710 gave up by firing Gregg Knapp. But for the life on me I don't know why. Dana and Parks is so beatable now. They have the worst show I heard in the last 15 years in this town.

    Their gimmick is beyond old.

    Parks is a meathead RINO, misogynist who makes everything about sex. Doesn't know when to say when, and always tries to get one over on his colleges at KMBZ.

    Wright is a ditzy, airhead, low information reporter who left Ch. 5 because one day she looked into the mirror. She saw her looks fading and her waistline expanding. She left TV before her bosses gave her the Karen Fuller treatment, escorting her out because she got too old, too fat and too ugly.

    It's like their trying to be Johnny Dare and Murphy without the ratings. And to think Entercom fired Darla Jaye for these two clowns.

    If 710 hired Chris Stigall back from Philly and put him against The Cackling Hen and the Boozehound Show, Stigall would destroy them within a year.

  2. I love my Echo. I also love Amazon Prime, so what's up with you not liking it?

  3. Donna,
    I haven't received it yet (Friday) so that is why the jury is still out. Trust me I am looking forward to using it. It looks amazing.

  4. John,
    Agree with you on most of what you said. As for Parks and Fake Breasts, I have learned to take politics out of it and just listen to them as the uninformed people that I know that they are. That is why I find them entertaining.

  5. The only things worth listening to on KMBZ is Johnatan Weir and Toby Tobin. Everytime someone calls in and tells Dana that they love her laugh an angel looses it's wings. This weeks emails proved what every conservative already knew, that the mainstream media got it's marching orders from Hillary and the DNC, we now have the emails to prove that. Funny, Scott thought the media was perfectly biased and that very few in his profession could be that petty. Well bucko, check your email. There will never be another Mike Murphy. There probably will be another Johnny Dare BUT he has to get out of jail first. One look at Dana in person makes you wonder why Dr. Teig hasn't sued to get her to stop representing him. But it's radio and her looks are absolutely meaningless. Content is king on radio. So I deserve to be pointed out for being a mean ass, faulting others for probably my shortcomings. Doesn't change the fact she's an airhead, just makes me wonder why any weight watcher program would want her as a representative. I understand the Jewelry people. They've been putting lipstick on pigs for centuries. I wouldn't pay anyone thousands of dollars for 25 cents of industrial cutting rock even if it has 50 hours of carefully ground edges making it shiny.

    I too can't believe anyone could watch 13 hours and then go vote for the woman responsible for those deaths. But then I'll never understand women anyways.