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Here are some links for those of you that are too lazy to pay attention to what is going on in your country.

1.  After inspiring the massacre of Dallas police officers with his rhetoric the president of the United States giggles with other leaders like a little school girl.
2.  Georgia cop ambushed on purpose by 911 call
4.  Hispanic gangs bypass guns and go straight to fire bombs.  No press conference from the left calling for tighter fire laws.
5.  Cop shot in STL
6.  6 things that Obama doesn't want you to know about Islamic State.  Probably because he is closeted radical Muslim born in Africa who hates white people, the constitution and anything associated with the United States.
7. Slain cop's last tweet. 
8.  Your candidate for president thinks that we are all racist.
9.  Black lives group blames cops for Dallas Shooting.

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