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Enough is enough

I am sick and tired of turning on the news and hearing about terrorist attacks and cop killings.  2 of our local law enforcement officers killed within 60 days of
each other is complete bullshit.  Juniper gardens is a total shit hole and not worth protecting.  Next time a 911 call happens North of Minnesota let it ring.

The hood doesn't want cops, then don't send them cops.  Why try to help people that reside in parts of town that hate you and don't appreciate the protection that you are trying to provide?  Take the cops out of those neighborhoods and put them into neighborhoods that respect them.  That way children and spouses don't have to lose a loved one.

To the family of Capt. Melton,
I am sorry for the behavior of our ungrateful citizens.  Capt. Melton was a hero and will never be forgotten by the people in this city.

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