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No more Zak Burns????? F&^% KMBZ

So I hop in my car today and turn on 98.1 and hear some liberal douche bag named Wicket t.  How the hell did this happen?  Every single freaking host that is worth a damn ends up leaving or getting canned by this freaking station.  Darla, Merrill, Burns and I am sure others that I am forgetting right

This leaves EJ Becker - The worst morning news host I have ever heard in my freaking life.  His self righteous attitude makes me want to puke and his know it all attitude is a joke when you consider he know very little about anything mainstream at all.

The chick that hosted with Zak Burns - The biggest blah boring female in Kansas City, the only reason anyone even knows her name is because of Zak Burns.

Parks and Dana - Decent enough to listen to but mind numbing if you listen everyday.  How many times can one person listen to Scott Parks ask Rob the producer to validate his manliness?  You could make a drinking game out of "am I right rob" and Dana not understanding the legal system or the constitution.

Wier - This guy got put into the obscure 6pm slot so who knows what happened to his show.

It is times like this that make me thankful for the amazing programming on Sirius/XM.  I use to tune in for local talk and news but no more.  KMBZ is now liberal radio and will flop badly just like every other liberal radio station/programming to hit the airwaves.


  1. Do we know why he left? That's the one thing I can't seem to find, but the one thing I want to know the most.

  2. KMBZ is worthless now. Your right it's now turned into Air America light.

    The Mid-Day show shouldn't be listened too if your driving or operating heavy machinery. You will go to sleep while listing to it.

    Dana and Parks is the worst show on the local air waves. Sure, some might be entertained. But that's if you like a good car crash entertainment. Parks is a meathead who thinks he's a man's man. Wright is a past her prime beauty queen who got by on her looks and it shows any time she speaks on any political issue.

    As for Wier . His show has become Zoo radio. Multiple cast mates doing wacky stuff. Sound effects, everyone thinking everything is funny, ect. He takes a lot of calls and hardly talks about politics. I'm kind of expecting him to start calling his show Wier Evening Madhouse.