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First of all, it is terrible that this little boy was killed, let alone on a day that he was supposed to be having fun at an incredible water park.  I feel terrible for the family, people on the ride with him and the first responders that showed up and were helpless in saving the kid.

Now, lets get one thing straight, there is not one single person here to blame except for the person that matched the kid up with 2 light weight women on a raft that needed at least 400lbs to be operated safely.  THAT EMPLOYEE is the only one responsible for a little kid losing his freaking head on the weekend before school starts.

I am sure that it is posted clearly and the people that operate the rides have been trained on the safety standards set by the park after months of testing and adjustments to make the ride safe.  You honestly can't blame the park except for their poor hiring practices and maybe the supervision of this employee that will have to live with the fact that he/she killed a little boy because he/she wasn't paying attention or simply didn't care.

If I were this kids parents I would want to know who this person was and put them up on criminal charges of manslaughter.  As a matter of fact I would want to know the whole chain of command of that day and list them as accessories.

This death never had to happen and it saddens me that somebody making $12 per hour probably ruined this family forever.

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