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Stories to make you weep were full of fraud

As a veteran of the Marine Corp I can't tell you how ashamed I am of parents exploiting their dead child's religion for political purposes.  I am sure that their son would of been ashamed of their behavior and would never support the campaign of a person that let the tragedy of Benghazi go
unanswered for and the families of the victims lied to.  

To the Khan family, F&^$ Off, to the dead soldier, thank you for your service.  

1.  Clinton Cash tied to exploitation of Khan family. 
2.  Was the constitution waving douche bag Khaned into his appearance?
3,  Khan is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, interesting that he supports Clinton...
4.  More vets speak out against Khan and his propaganda 
5.  Benghazi Mother a liar, Khan a hero??

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