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Staying sane in an insane world

Stop celebrating I haven't died yet.  I decided to sit this election out from blogging because the amount of hate and BS streaming out of the mouths of liberals in 2016 was more entertaining to watch than adding gasoline to the bonfire.  If liberals are all ready pissed why troll them anymore than you need to?  Everyday for the next 4 years they are going to cry themselves to sleep in melted snowflake tears and wake up the next day and picket and spew hate towards half of the country further pushing them away from mainstream America.  

Also, did you know that JOCO was a sanctuary county?  Bet you didn't, neither did I until it came out that the drunk that killed the cop by my house was an illegal that OP sprung loose without turning him into ICE.  JOCOians want cheap labor and the county had decided to turn the other cheek on it so that the elitists F**(*& in Lionsgate can have 2 nanny's instead of 1 and that their spoiled entitled brat son doesn't have to mow the lawn or shovel snow etc..  

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