Is Judge Foth a simple pawn? Johnson County Divorce Court

UPDATE!!  There was today finally a call received back from an official from the Johnson County Court House regarding the ethical questions I had regarding one of its employees in the family court.  It only took several days and an email to this employee to get this to happen. 

The sad thing is that a sitting Judge in the court, Judge Neil Foth or Forth or Judge Protection Order couldn't make it happen nor could he provide me with the correct people to call. 

Remember that everything in JOCO family court is A-OK in the minds of Judge Neil Foth (unless it is his case).  Yes, I said minds, see I believe he has 2. One that made him capable of becoming a judge and one that has turned him into the pawn he has become.

Still, a lot to come and let us keep in mind papers still haven't even been served yet by the court.  All of this information is courtesy of public records and the relentless stalking of the spouse. 

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