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So, in a desperate plea following an incident that I will cover later on this week an email was sent to Judge FOTH hoping to get some help in moving this case to another county and to let him
see how big of a conflict of interest it is for him to be making rulings, advising, having his name show up on this case file etc,,,  ( We will go over the letter in another post) he said not to fear that people at the courthouse get divorced and it is handled.

Also did I mention there is $1,000,000 life insurance policy on the line and the guy has cancer

Then why is it that his divorce had a judge from another county brought in to hear the case? He had barely even been a judge at the time of his divorce and yet the conflict of interest was so great that a judge from another county was brought in to hear his case. 

You see,  his ex-wife is more successful than he is and knows the law.  She knew right away that this guy through his relationships and his power within the county would be a huge conflict and a judge was brought in from outside.  YET THIS GUY TELLS ME TO TAKE IT EASY????????

Also, unlike you and I, this guy had his case sealed (there is a protection order mentioned though).  Think I am kidding?  Go ahead and follow THIS LINK and type in the names of your friends that were divorced in JOCO and there you go.  The wealthy and connected pay to have their court cases sealed while everyone else has their dirty laundry aired.  I learned this by doing background checks.

We are just getting to the juicy stuff people.  For now, though, can we all agree that Judge Foth is a man that shouldn't be representing our county on the bench and as an elected official be held to the code of conduct that all JOCO employees are made to sign?  

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  1. Go get ‘em. Hey, your list of top comedians includes three of mine: Gaffigan, Burr, and Chapelle! Any of those get my husband and I laughing out loud on these cold winter evenings.