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You see I kinda knew things ran a little loose over there because of interactions I had with some of the staff over the past 2 years, but nothing really prepared me for what has occurred in the past 2 months.  
For this introduction, I will withhold certain names and specifics and simply provide for you a general outline for you of what happens behind closed doors in this area of the court and who knows possibly others (from what I have heard).  You have to understand one thing to start with, not all that work for the court are guilty of utilizing the system for their own betterment or prying eyes.  Some actually take their duties seriously and wouldn't dare come 1000 miles of tarnishing what is supposed to be a sacred government institution.  There are deputies, clerks, and judges that go to work each day for the betterment of our county it is however sad that the 5 - 10 people involved in the following blog posts over the next few weeks that their reputations will be tarnished and questioned as well.

So let us start off with one simple question when the administrative assistant to the ranking judge in family courts files for divorce against their spouse do you think that the case should be automatically thrown out of JOCO courts and put into another county?   Divorce law is, after all, a State matter and doesn't vary county to county, so why would the judge and the admin seek to keep it in the county where they know a spotlight and question marks regarding Impartiality arise?  Could it POSSIBLY be to benefit the person working for the judge...........


Despite numerous calls, emails, texts etc.. to get this case moved the best that this judge had to say was that "people in the courthouse get divorced".  YES, but if there are only 5 sitting family court judges and let us say then that there are only 5 admins HOW many times are these people getting divorced?

I think it is fair to say that yes people all over the court system get divorced but when it hits this close to home and the ADMIN is the one that does most of the entering of documents into the system for the judge and let's be honest does almost all the work except sit on the bench Do you not think that MAYBE there might be a difference.  I know that this said judge is a liberal and barely won reelection but come on, even he has to see that right?  

This is just a teaser of things to come.  Yes, there will be boring screenshots of court computer screens, letters that have been obtained etc... but the real thing people need to ask themselves is this.  

I figured what better way to make my return to blogging than this, an actual JOCO topic and one that concerns public officials and how they are held accountable.   

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